Responsible Gaming

At Ragingbullcasino we support and promote responsible gaming. We want you to enjoy your time with us, with the understanding that gambling is an adults-only leisure activity.

The idea behind playing at an online casino should always be to have fun! It is important to understand that playing real money casino games is NOT a reliable short or long term strategy for generating income – It is colourful and exciting online entertainment at its very best.

We care deeply about our players, which is why we have put numerous measures in place to help you control how much time and money you spend at our casino.

We have also highlighted the signs of gambling problems and supplied the contact details of organisations in Australia authorised to provide counselling and support for any player who has gone a little too far.

Additionally, we have honed right in on our commitment to stamping out underage gambling and how you — as parents and care-givers — can play  your part.Reddog

The Key to Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming means being fully aware of how much time and money you are spending at the casino. It also means gambling only with money that you can afford to spend. 

Responsible gaming is all about having fun without harming yourself or those who rely on you for their emotional and financial well-being.

How Ragingbullcasino Can Help You Gamble Responsibly

If you’re concerned about how you’re gambling we urge you to make use of our responsible gaming self-help tools. The first tool is focused on capping the deposits you make into your online casino account and the other is a joint agreement between you and Ragingbullcasino that supports a self-imposed exclusion from gambling at our casino.o.

Daily or Monthly Deposit Limits

Good financial management is key to responsible gaming. Therefore, we have developed an easy way for you to draw up your own limits: by enabling you to set your own daily or monthly deposit limits.

You can limit the amount of money you deposit by contacting the Ragingbullcasino Customer Support team. We have made sure there is always a dedicated casino host standing by to help you take back control of your gaming.

Ragingbullcasino operates a helpful and reliable customer support service. You can email us any time at, or chat with us via our on-site Live Chat function – available 3pm – 6am (AEST). Once we have received a request from you, we will apply the necessary deposit limits to your casino account.

The deposit limits you set should be based on the amount of money you are prepared to spend on a daily / monthly basis. Once the limit is reached, you will be notified via email. If you wish to review, change or delete your deposit limits, simply contact us via Live Chat or email. 

Self-Exclusion from the Casino

Sometimes a cooling-off period from gaming might be considered. At Ragingbullcasino , we provide a self-exclusion mechanism that effectively freezes your account for a prescribed period of time.

A Self-Exclusion Form is an agreement between you — the player — and Ragingbullcasino . It is a document stating that you would like not to have access to the casino for a set amount of time — be it a week, a month, a year, or even permanently.

Please contact our Customer Support team via Live Chat or email and we will guide you on the next steps.

Once you have filled-in and signed the form and sent it back to us, we will freeze your Ragingbullcasino account for the term specified in the self-exclusion agreement. The account will only be re-activated once the term is up and Ragingbullcasino  Management has reviewed the decision.Reddog

What Are the Signs of Problem Gambling?

If you, a family member, or a friend is showing one or more of the signs listed below, it is time to get help:

  • Hiding or lying about how much time and money is spent on gambling
  • Denying there is a gambling problem
  • Borrowing money to cover the costs of gambling or to pay off gambling debts
  • Gambling to win back losses
  • Becoming obsessive about gambling
  • Showing signs of anxiety, depression and irritability when not gaming
  • Committing crimes like fraud or stealing to raise gambling funds
  • Not going to work or refusing to take part in sports, hobbies and family events due to gaming
  • Spending money budgeted for household expenses, food and insurance on casino games
  • Not eating or sleeping properly because of excessive gaming

How to Deal with Problem GamblingReddog

Besides the self-help tools and strategies you can find at Ragingbullcasino , there are several organisations that offer free telephone counselling, web-based addiction programs, and support groups focused on your issues.

Here are a few organizations that are more than willing to assist:

  • Gamblers Anonymous is a no-fee support group that holds weekly meetings at locations across Australia.
  • Gambling Help Online offers self-help tools and programs, telephone counselling and SMS and chat-based support for anyone affected by gambling. It is a confidential service that is completely free and available to Australians right around the clock.
  • Gambling Therapy offers practical advice and emotional support to people impacted by problem gambling. There are self-assessment tests, self-help exercises and blocking and filtering software available on the website, along with online support groups and forums.

How Ragingbullcasino Is Promoting Responsible Gaming

Besides our self-help tools and self-exclusion facility, Ragingbullcasino does not, under any circumstances, allow people under the age of 18 years of age to open an online or mobile casino account or to access our remote gambling services.

In addition, we do not process pay out requests without the required verification documentation. These documents include a valid identity document and a recent utility bill in the name of the player.

How You Can Prevent Underage Gambling

Ragingbullcasino is committed to the prevention of underage gambling on our website, but it depends on your assistance as well. As a parent or care-giver, it is your job to monitor how your children use the internet. It is also your responsibility to consistently vet the websites, forums and platforms they are allowed to visit.

With technology, your chore is so much easier as there are now apps and systems that filter the web content your kids have access to. It is the most effective way of stopping inappropriate and risky behaviour — such as underage gambling — before it has a chance to become problematic.

We encourage you to keep your children in the so-called “safe zone” of the internet by automatically blocking content or websites that are simply not suitable for kids.

Here is how you can prevent underage gambling in your own home:

  • Install Family Zone, an internet filter that blocks inappropriate websites and content on the internet.
  • Take control of your kids’ screen time with Net Nanny, parental control software that blocks apps, filters online content, and tracks and limits screen time.

When the Fun of Gaming is over…

As an ethical brand Ragingbull is committed to provide you with the self-help the tools you need (deposit limits and self-exclusion). If you suspect that your gambling habits have become problematic, please reach out to our Customer Support team. We work hard to promote responsible gaming and want to make sure that playing online pokies, table games and video poker games can be an entertaining and enriching experience.

Work hard — and by all means, play hard — but always walk away when the fun stops!


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